I should say #3 out of 3. It’s always a good idea to know how many episodes there are in a series, that there is an end to it. My pet hate is discovering an exciting streamed programme on Netflix (other streaming services are available…) only to be hit by the realisation that you have just watched episode 1 from series 1 and there are 5 more series ahead – you just know that the big mystery in the plot is never going to be solved…

So this is a promise that these are the last shots from London, taken just prior to the first lockdown earlier this year.

Views of The Shard. A slightly grungy effect brought out in processing.

I was travelling light, armed with just the iPhone, having intentionally left the Fuji kit at home and knowing it would be fun to capture images and later process them, all within the limitations that using just a phone camera brings.

Views of The Shard. This shot suffered from harsh contrasts which led to the idea of emphasising the contrasts and converting to a harsh black and white

I love architecture shots and the area around the south bank was revealing the Shard against the sun. “Never take photographs into the sun” is a ‘rule’ to be broken in my book.

Views of The Shard with the sunlight shining on the pedestrian walkway

The sun was streaming through onto the walk way and the opportunity for interesting lighting photos was endless. To be fair, I was wishing I had the Fuji with me for these.

However, I shoot in RAW format (ie not jpg) with the Lightroom Camera app which captures more information of light and shade which helps during the post-processing work on my desktop Mac.

In the image below you can see the before and after views with the original photo taken by the iPhone. Drag the slider to view.


As I said, I got carried away with this area…. the lighting, the tiles, the buildings, the lines and the people lending perspective.

Views of The Shard

Hope you liked this selection. Stay well.