With that as a title for my Autumn pictures I’m seriously considering becoming a headline writer for tabloid newspapers with my shameful wordplay – although on second thoughts I’d have to be worse than this to achieve that level of cringeworthyness. (You may feel I have already achieved it).

Call it Autumn call it Fall, it is a season of beauty for the colour of vegetation and one which this year has made me gasp. Was it better here in the UK this year than others? November, all around here in the East Riding of Yorkshire, has been wonderful. Driving on normal local roads edged with colourful trees.

There is a delight in seeing this simple beauty on a small scale. I have been to New England in the Fall and seen the magnificence of great forests of colour but can you really take it all in? A helicopter or drone would help. But I find joy in the detail, in the smallness and simplicity of scale.

Somehow, finding the time to get out to take photos was a challenge. Opportunities to do so clashed with dull or rain filled days. Determined to see the trees still at their best I managed to get out on my bike, armed with my iPhone and mini-tripod and see what I could find locally. And this was the result.

Nerd section (The techy stuff): All images taken with the iPhone 13 Pro using all three lenses. Captures are RAW DNG files via the Halide Camera app and post-processed via Lightroom Classic and where appropriate Topaz DeNoise / Sharpen / Gigapixel. 
North Cave church

I headed off in the direction of North Cave and Hotham, suspecting there were trees aplenty that would be their best. A stop at All Saints Church is always worth it to see how it looks in the different seasons.

The gate house at Hotham Hall Estate
An autumnal entrance to the Hotham Estate, East Yorkshire.

The permitted path through the Hotham Estate was clearly going to be magnificent, always a joy at this time of the year.

Walking through Hotham Estate
Cyclamen poke through a carpet of fallen leaves
Cyclamen bursting through the fallen leaves
Tranquil scene outside the village of Hotham
Autumnal close up

It was good timing. The weather changed over the next few days and the leaves fell away. I was disappointed I had not managed to visit other local areas to capture the beauty but that will have to wait until next year.