my digital darkroom

sharing some images from my digital darkroom – by steve howland

My Kit

I’m currently centred around the Fuji mirrorless system with Fujinon lenses. Using an iPhone 13 Pro in a second camera / go anywhere capacity. It’s also a phone.

A few comments

The Fujinon lenses are impressive. The 18-55 is supposedly the lightweight kit camera yet is excellent to work with and good quality, as are the 10-24 and 55-200 between them covering all the range I need.

The 18-135 gets some bad press which is unfair. It is in fact an excellent travel lens that covers a good range and allows you to travel light, avoids risky dusty lens changes and missing that shot because you were fumbling for your other lens. All that outweighs any marginal weakness in optical magnificence.

The Rollei tripod may not be the great heavyweight that would benefit stability but it is small and compact and does a great job. It also means that I take it with me. My previous heavy tripod tended to always stay in the back of the car and certainly not in foreign travel baggage.

The Peak Design sling bag is perfect for the smaller mirrorless camera and selected kit – a go everywhere, unobtrusive bag. For more adventurous work and taking the kitchen sink the Think Tank bag is a favourite for me.

My iPhones these days tend to be surrounded by a robust Quad Lock case. This system doesn’t come cheap but it does allow me to quickly snap it to a tripod mount, to my road bike, and to my car windscreen with its wireless charger.

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