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sharing some images from my digital darkroom – by steve howland

About me


Welcome to my blog, website, photo gallery, ego trip or whatever you would like to call it.

I’ve messed around with photography for years – ok decades – and created thousands of photos in that time and where are they? In cupboards and hard drives. A few on the wall. Some in photobooks. Mostly unseen. So finally I decided to take the plunge and share some of my work out here in the cloudy world wide web.

Travel photography bliss

It’s a way of allowing friends and family, many who don’t – nay won’t – use Facebook or Instagram or Twitter and so on, to periodically see my efforts from the digital darkroom without being subjected to endless mega slide shows on a smart TV….

And if my efforts are appreciated beyond that circle then all well and good

An early start


A borrowed Kodak Twin. That was the camera I took with me on a school trip to Paris in er… oh 1965 and when I took a number of photos from unusual angles because I liked the ‘look’ and the pleasing shapes I was told later that I had taken them ‘wrong’. The buildings weren’t straight in the picture. But I liked the look.

Looking back I guess that’s where I started thinking, albeit subconsciously at the time, that it was the image that mattered to me – the shapes, lines, forms and contrasts within the frame. I suppose I started to differentiate between a snapshot, a frozen picture of what the eye can see in front of you, and a picture that is formed by framing and manipulation to create a pleasing image.

Decades later, and having long ago moved from the acrid fumes and dull red glow of the wet darkroom to the bright light of the computer screen of the ‘digital darkroom’, I can finally spend more time creating the images I want.

And a few of these I would like to share with you.

Steve Howland updated 2021

You can read about my cameras history here
And my about my current equipment here

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