South Cave, East Yorkshire

Today, December 3rd 2020, a local website asked people for seasonal photos of the area, and for any images that might enter a local archive. It prompted me to have a look through my catalogue for any taken on travels that were somewhat closer to home than usual.

It was a serendipitous moment that, during my search I came across some that were taken exactly ten years ago today, reminding me that on that day we were blessed with a snowfall in the night that followed into a sunny day. I had grabbed my Nikon D700 full frame and bravely trekked into the snows without snow shoes or skis…….

Although I edited some at the time, I felt inspired to work through a few more today. Original raw .NEF files from the Nikon, they were mostly processed solely in Lightroom, and some in the Nik Collection via Photoshop.

As we slog on in a Tier Three lockdown towards Christmas perhaps we shall see more snow this year where we can go out with our faces wrapped warmly behind scarves – or masks.

Please scroll through the slideshow below. (14 images)