After a six month gap I have finally summoned up the enthusiasm to continue with my London photo posts. I can hardly claim I’ve been too busy in this year of restrictions. But then, I’ve never claimed I was dynamic! 😉

So here’s a few more images from a London break, taken with an iPhone just days before the first lockdown in late February. As a keen photographer I might be considered mad not to take my expensive mirrorless Fuji and various bits of ‘glass’ (lenses) everywhere with me but the major part of the reasoning behind moving to APS-C Mirrorless from my full-frame Nikon kit in 2018 was based on the sheer weight and volume of camera kit to take whenever I might need that special shot. That still holds true for the Fuji kit which is smaller and lighter. But there are times when I don’t want to be encumbered by even that. I could, of course, opt to take just the camera plus a lens or purchase something like the amazing Fuji X100V for such occasions.

Fuji X100V: retro beauty &
superb fixed lens camera

The truth is that these days the top end smartphones can produce some good images in the right conditions / situations – and depending upon what you want to do with them. A well-lit capture outputted to Instagram or Facebook could be indistinguishable taken by either systems. Move away from those compressed formats and the boundaries soon appear.

However, I keep the iPhone with me at all times which means I have a reasonable camera with me at all times. As they say – the best camera is the one you have with you when you need to take a shot.

At Covent Garden on a wet day

A sudden downpour wet the streets at Covent Garden. It was dull, cloudy, cold and miserable. But to me it was exciting because the cobbles were wet and that can give some great contrast. Ignoring admonition for getting wet knees I felt it was worth getting really low.

There is no doubt that micro detail, sharpness and depth of field would be far superior on my Fuji but to me this remains an effective shot that has some impact.

At St. Pancras station

I’m often fascinated by the roof structure in British rail stations and St. Pancras is one of the best. Finding shots that use the lines and lighting are bot fun and a challenge.

Next it was onto the south bank around Southwark and the Shard tower. But let’s save that for the next post….