I’ve changed my camera.

There, said it. That is so much shorter than the draft post that I just deleted on the basis that it was so boring that I even bored myself. Quite an achievement.  On the other hand I cannot promise that the following is not yawn-inducing.

Facebook would call it a Life Event, like getting married or a new job. Or for amateur photographer nuts like me – a new camera system.  Selling off all your equipment – camera, lenses, flashgun, filters etc – to invest in a new system is a move carried out with a high mix of trepidation, excitement and cash.

I loved my 10 year old full frame DSLR Nikon gear and the image quality it was still capable of but carrying a 2kg cannonball round my neck (hmm, that could have been funny if I’d had a Canon…) and a quite a few more kilos of lenses on my back was becoming an increasing pain in more ways than one.  When you realise you prefer to leave your heavy kit at home rather than carry it around you know it’s time to change.  And ten years on new technology makes that possible.

After a lot of research I have moved to a Fuji mirrorless kit that is already giving me as much as I need and more.  And less than half the weight and physical size.

The Nikon D700 alongside the Fuji X-T2

So now I can finally get back to posting on this site, something I enjoy doing – even if the number of followers can be counted on two hands and leaving a thumb free at that.

I shall still be posting single shots on Instagram (and thereby on Facebook too).

So I’m looking forward to getting out and getting creative – with a lightweight camera   And goodbye Nikon, hello Fuji.