A request on Twitter (@AWalkWithMyCam) asking people for ideas of where to go in Liverpool to take photographs prompted me to make this my next theme. There is, of course, an abundance of locations but on this visit I was inspired by the Albert Dock area and its controversial architecture.

(Click on the images to see enlarged)

The Mann Island building* in particular has seen venomous reactions locally from those who feel that new buildings should reflect the period styles of the traditional Liverpool skyline in this World Heritage Site. That’s nothing new, of course, there was equal venom when Sir Christopher Wren built St. Paul’s in its classical Roman style and with a dome not a spire…   Personally I love modern architecture and have no issues with progressive design in cities and the contrast between old and new that can occur – as seen in the top photo.

And the Tate Liverpool itself features some opportunities for images, in particular the swirling staircase.  My one photo not in the dock area being the giant daisies on a glass fronted building.

*Incidentally, when I took those pictures I did not realise I knew the architect, Matthew Brook from Hull, and I was pleased to employ him at Birds Eye on the summer pea operation when he was a student.