Time to step up!

I know, I know, I should have been a bad headline writer for the tabloids.

If we and those around us have remained well, and we haven’t been working on the front line – then we shouldn’t be complaining that loudly, and yet the last year of restrictions, whilst understandable, are frustrating. So when I moan about not being able to travel and take lots of photographs or try out new ideas in the field then please take it in context.

In fact, thinking positively with my glass half full (or do I mean half empty, these things always confuse me) this has been a good time to spend hours and hours on reorganising all my DAM photos. No! That’s not a curse, it is the posh name for photo library software, Digital Asset Management, in my case Lightroom Classic on an iMac desktop.

It seems to me that the cyber world is very similar to the physical world. In the same way you decide to empty and re-organise those fusty cupboards and rummage through your old books and snaps and mementos and actually end up pausing on every second item to read and reminisce and never get very far – well so it is with my digital photo library. As soon as I start to label and identify them I become distracted.

The good side of that is I look at images and decide to either edit them for the first time or re-edit them with my latest artistic whim and / or with the benefit of improved software.

Here is a selection I have been playing around with inspired by the feeling of that enforced confinement to the indoors.

A reworking of some staircase images

Stair Crazy images

(Edit 30.03.21: For years I’ve been labelling the white spiral staircases as the Tate Liverpool. To my joy someone online pointed out my error. I say joy, because it means there is someone out there who actually looks at this stuff! They are, of course in the wonderful modern structure of The Liverpool Museum.)

Click on any image to enlarge, see a description and scroll through the gallery as a slideshow

Thanks for looking. More rambling randomness soon.