I know. My posts are like buses. Nothing for ages then three come along at once. Well I did describe this site as having ‘periodic‘ (which roughly translates as ‘lazy‘) rather than regular posts, but I know from its limited circulation that I’m probably the only person that is aware of it.

I’ve never taken that many photos on my own doorstep over the years so I have been determined to capture more images in Hull, inspired by its raised profile as City of Culture.  But I am an ‘opportunist‘ photographer which roughly translates as ‘lazy‘. That means that my intentions to get up early, fully equipped with camera and lenses and accessories and go off on a photo-shoot remain an aspiration.

However, I have been taking my camera with me when in Hull and it’s been a while since my previous two posts on Hull – so here goes.Hull1703_07_tonemapped

Back in March it was a ‘must’ to see the replica (built by some of those residing at Her Majesty’s pleasure in Hull Prison) of Amy Johnson’s Gipsy Moth ‘Jason’ in which she flew solo to Australia in 1930.  It was on display in HULL PARAGON STATION.  Yes I know I’m supposed to say the Hull Interchange (uh!) but I won’t.

A view of HULL Interchange PARAGON STATION


Hammond’s staircase

Just over the road, shopping in Hammond’s. Is it just me? I have always admired the stairwell here with its lovely Art Deco sweeps and yet it seems to be taken for granted. This time I grabbed a shot on the iPhone – admittedly I’ve tweaked it with tonemapping and texture techniques as the iPhone struggled with the lighting.


Moving out of Princes Quay gives a nice contrast off old and new before crossing to the marina.

Humber Dock Tavern

Love the colour of this pub down by the side of the Marina, formerly known as ‘Green Bricks’ for some reason. Can’t think why.

Hull Marina on a perfect day


Can I just remind you. This is Kingston upon Hull. Amazing.

A Sunday in Hull. Passing down Humber Dock Street again and then into Humber Street.


The now buzzing Humber Street
Live jazz in Humber Street Gallery – and the famous ‘Dead Bod’ of course.
No I haven’t got a drone. It’s called ‘leaning too far out of a window’


I played around with this view to achieve a kind of half photo, half drawing effect.

As Humber Street is a definite stopping point for coffee / food / alcohol it’s a good point to  bring this piece to a stop too and resume our little tour in the next post.  If I’m not too lazy.

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