At a recent May Bank Holiday visit to Fort Paull, the somewhat jaded but enthusiastic local war museum, I took photos of a WW2 re-enactment battle (posted on Facebook and that reminded me of a visit in 2010 to the Pickering War Weekend. I was vaguely aware that this event occurred annually but assumed it was a very specialised affair for.. well, to be polite, enthusiasts who like to dress up as soldiers.

In fact it turned out to be a fascinating and visually rewarding experience. The re-enactors take it very seriously and their attention to detail and maintaining their role is impressive.

It had been a last minute and short excursion but it provided some excellent opportunities for period style images. Some of my favourite shots were taken in and around the train station. The original colour shots were good but many benefitted from a range of period treatments that enhanced the illusion of the 1940s. These are some of my favourites.